Let’s face it the most famous spies in all of history are the fictional ones. When we think about spies most people will conjure up images of characters such as James Bond. We all think back to spy movies, novels, and television shows, while the truth is that there are some very famous spies which existed throughout history that we may not even know about.

Have you heard about Virginia Hall? Virginia Hall was actually a female and she was one of the best spies that ever existed throughout history. The Germans named her “the most dangerous of all Allied spies”. She spent most of her career working as a top spy back in the days when fancy equipment did not exist. She was a top American spy who worked with the British Special Operations, during the second world war. She has received many awards and certificates for her efforts and success in the undercover world of spies. She was the real deal and throughout history, we have remembered her for efforts and excellent work.

One of the very best spies throughout history who was a very fascinating and interesting character is none other than Eddie Chapman. What makes him so interesting is that he started out as a criminal himself. He later worked as a spy in Nazi Germany and both a double agent and a secretive spy. His life story and work as a spy was so interesting, that he has appeared as himself in movies and many people have written books about him. He was the real deal and he was so good in his role as a double agent that the world became fascinated by him. Anybody who has ever worked in the real spy world will be able to tell you the story of Eddie Chapman.

Anybody who knows the history of spies, will certainly know the story and name Juan Pujol García. He was also a very unique character and his story is known by many throughout the world. He was one of the top spies of his time during the second world war. He is known to many people as possibly the most succesful spy in all of history. His story is one of bravery and he fully was able to master the art of being a spy almost to an extend that no other human man had done before. To date he still has managed to acheive the almost impossible.

It is interesting to know that he was not anything special judging on outside appearances. He looked extremely average, was very middle of the range and he was going bald He was married and looked just like anybody else. He managed to work as a double agent and he did such an excellent job that his story is now known all over the world.

He was recognised from both sides in the war and he actually received recognition from both. He eventually went on to fake his own death and lived the rest of his life with his family in peace and quiet after all the extremities that he went through being a highly succesfful double agent.